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Outdated Store List

The app doesnt find or give the choice to manually select the IKEA store in Morocco several months after its opening...

Only one shopping list and no Apple Wallet Support

The App is already in a good condition, only a few crashes and it is fast! But there are three point that are very annoying. 1. The IKEA Family Card is only in the App, bring it to Apple Wallet, it is a mess - because of point two. 2. Auto logout Really? When I am at IKEA most of the time I have to login again for my shopping list and for my Family Card, so stupid! 3. Multiple shopping lists I created a couple of list to have an better overview about the budgets, but it only one shopping list in the app, so it is useless for me in this case.

What garbage!

Cant give less then 1 star, so give them 1!

Ikea App

It took forever to find the nearest store (or the list of stores in my region). In fact, it just kept on loading so I actually never made it further than the loading screen. I deleted the app after 4 tries.

Would be really handy if it worked!

Doesnt access the shopping list that I saved on another device so I re-added items, then the app freezes, and loses everything I just added. I also had to sign in 6 times in a period of 10 minutes.

It works fine

The app does what it is supposed to. No crashes or other issues so far.


After half a dozen tries (and two reboots with a Danish welcome screen) finally got it to accept my country and identify my closest store at which point the app got stuck for good. Ikea, if youre going to lock people out of your old, very useful app, make sure what youre replacing it with is at least functional. Totally useless.

New version, not like the old version

If you going to bring out a new version, make sure its better than the old one. Also cant change size from imperial to metric. Very slow, clunky. Cant log in. Bring back the old version!


This app is terrible. Doesnt save shopping lists.

Too much assembly required

That was pretty painful...why do companies bother with apps that crash so much...why bother...no IKEA you dont have an iPad app - youre running an ad for Walmart

New IKEA app less features than old one

Im finding this new app has less features and functionality than the old IKEA app. I can no longer access all my different shopping lists which Ive created through the website under my account. The old IKEA app allowed for this. Also with all the large photos and extra white space its taking a lot of screen real estate. Not a big fan.

Cant log in or find products

My IKEA Family account works perfectly on the ikea.ca site, yet I cannot log in on the app. It keeps telling my my username or password is incorrect. No idea why. Also, the app cant find products that I can find on the website. For example, searching for "ryet" returns the LED bulbs Im looking for on the site. On the other hand, the app says no matches. Very useless app.

Forced into Downgrading

They had a perfectly good app that was functional, intuitive, and powerful. I used it constantly. But of course, now I am no longer permitted to use it. I am forced to "update" to the new app or close out of the old one. So I am forced to use the new app, which is unintuitive, with less features, and simply doesnt seem to ever work right. I am forced to use the desktop website. This app is just a heap of junk.

Very desappointed!!! Bring back the old version or update this one!

Very desappointed!! - no intuitive search - no more multi list - long to launch (if doesnt crash) - all the item not listed An update is seriously required!!

Absolutely Terrible

I cant believe a company like Ikea has such a terrible app. Before the update it was much more user friendly. I miss the separate shopping lists. Having one giant list is terrible for budgets.

Load times too long

The previous app was much better. This app is merely a facelift taking away a lot of good features. Long load times, no filters, and unintuitive. Disappointing...

Login mess

Signed up for IKEA Family in store, created login profile online and then the app doesnt recognize it! That is a lot of effort for nothing... And if it wont keep my Family card in the Apple wallet I wont carry it. What happened to the IKEA minimalist environmental footprint philosophy here?

Sporadic functionality

Very sporadic, the app currently displays Server is not responding, please try again later

Server issues

Long load times often resulting in server not responding error page. Once displayed, product descriptions wont refresh.

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